Questions about needing an Electrical Contractor’s licence

Can I get a notification if I don’t hold a current electrical contractor’s licence?

No, if you are operating as an electrical contracting business. In that case, you must hold a valid electrical contractor’s ECRA/ESA licence to file a notification of work.

Yes, you can file a notification if you are doing work on your own property or if you are an occupant in a residential dwelling. In that case, you may file a notification of work for that property only.

Am I allowed to quote on electrical work if I don’t have an ECRA/ESA contractor’s licence?

No. You must have a valid electrical contractor licence to bid on electrical work. 

I am a licensed Master Electrician. Can I quote on, advertise or perform electrical work without an Electrical Contractor’s licence?

No. A Master Electrician’s licence recognizes your specific experience. You must also hold a valid electrical contractor licence issued by ECRA/ESA to carry out electrical contracting work. Unless exempted by the Licensing Regulation, every electrical contracting business must hold this licence.

Do HVAC contractors need an electrical contractor licence?

It depends on the work they are doing and the qualifications of the people doing the work.

Exemptions include: 

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems mechanics or residential air conditioning systems mechanics authorized under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act. 
  • Work done on electrical components of appliances by someone authorized under Ontario Regulations 210/01 (Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems), 211/01 (Propane Storage and Handling) and 215/01 (Fuel Industry Certificates) under the Technical Standards and Safety Act. 

Anyone engaged in this type of work should contact Skilled Trades Ontario and Technical Standards & Safety Authority to confirm the limitations. An HVAC contractor doing electrical work outside of the scope of theses qualifications requires an electrical contractor licence.