Licensing questions from another province or country

Do qualifications from another province or country meet the Ontario requirements to obtain a licence?

If you have the Interprovincial certificate of qualification or are an out-of-country electrician, contact Skilled Trades Ontario before working in Ontario. In general, work experience in Canada with the proper qualifications will be recognized towards a Master Electrician licence. However, work done in another country is not. There are some licensing exemptions depending on the type of work that is being done.  See Ontario Regulation 570/05 for specific requirements.

Do contractors from outside the province have to have an ECRA/ESA licence?

Yes, contractors from outside Ontario must meet the same requirements as those working in Ontario. They must obtain an ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor licence. See the Requirements for an Electrical Contractor Licence

Are qualifications from Quebec accepted for electricians to work in Ontario?

Yes, if you hold a valid “Certificat de competence - compagnon” from Quebec, you are allowed to work as an electrician under a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Ontario. You are also eligible to become a Master Electrician with ESA without registering with Skilled Trades Ontario. However, Ontario does not recognize the Maitre Electricien designation.

Is my Master Electrician licence from another province transferable to Ontario?

No, the Master Electrician’s licence from any other country or province is not accepted in Ontario. To get your Master Electrician’s licence in Ontario, you must pass the Master Electrician exam administered by the Electrical Safety Authority.