licence number on business card

Licensed Electrical Contractors


The only way to be sure electrical work is safe and legal is to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC), who has the expertise, equipment, and training to do the job safely.

Just because you receive a referral from a friend or saw an ad for a qualified electrician, doesn’t mean you can count on them to provide safe electrical work. Electrical work is dangerous and can put you and your loved ones at risk. Always hire an LEC.

3 tips to ensure you’re hiring an LEC:

  1. Ask for their ECRA/ESA licence number. It proves they can operate their electrical contracting business in Ontario. Look for their licence number on their truck, business card, and estimate. Verify it on ESA’s Find a Contractor tool. 
  2. LECs can provide you with a Certificate of Acceptance from ESA once the work is complete. Ask for it and keep it for your records and insurance purposes.
  3. When working with a general contractor, make sure the electrician they’re hiring is an LEC, and that they get an ESA permit. More about Working with General Contractors.

Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor is the Safest Decision to Make.

You may know someone who can do the work for cheap but consider the real cost if something goes wrong. Hiring the wrong person can result in major property damage, or even loss of life.

Here’s why hiring an LEC is a smart decision when it comes to keeping you and family safe:

  • LECs are qualified and trained to perform the type of electrical work you need.
  • LECs will be able to keep the job on track, on budget and adapt to the inevitable unforeseen challenges. 
  • LECs are fully insured, which is the only way to be sure that you, the homeowner, won’t be held responsible if there’s an accident on the job.
  • LECs will provide references for you.
  • LECs will file the electrical notification of work to the ESA, meaning that they’ll have a permit for the work.
  • LECs will have their work reviewed by the ESA.
  • LECs will provide an ESA Certificate of Acceptance.

Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

If you hire an unlicensed electrician who gets hurt on the job, you are responsible. If an insurance claim links to work performed by an unlicensed electrician, your claim may be denied.

Be careful who you allow to perform electrical work in your home. You may think that experience with electrical projects qualifies someone for the work or if your general contractor recommends them, you’ll be fine. But electrical mistakes can be costly and deadly. That’s why you need to file notifications of work for things as "simple" as pot light installations.

A licenced electrical contractor is a highly trained specialist who can make electrical work look easy. Those who are not able to meet the requirements to be a LEC do not possess the knowledge or skill to work on your electrical system. Electricity is invisible, and odorless and just because it appears to work does not imply that it will not leave you stranded when you most need it and the cost of the repairs will likely exceed any perceived savings, experts are only a phone call away.