Regulations & Procedures For Reviews and Appeals

This section has information about the laws and Rules of Procedure that will help you dispute an ESA Order or Notice. The new Rules and Procedures for Reviews and Appeals took effect April 1,2023. The Rules of Procedure apply to all Director’s Reviews, Director’s Hearings and Appeals to the Review Panel. 

The Act and Regulations 

The Electricity Act sets out ESA’s responsibility for regulating the safe use of electricity and equipment in Ontario. This includes enforcing the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and appointing inspectors. 

This Act sets the legal framework for ESA’s operation as an Administrative Authority. 

This Act establishes the rules that govern procedures and rule-making by tribunals. 

Electrical Distribution Safety 

This Regulation ensures that generation, transmission, and distribution facilities are subject to required minimum safety standards and a defined compliance process. The Regulation applies to design, construction, and maintenance of electrical distribution systems owned by licensed distributors. 

Electrical Safety Authority 

This Regulation names ESA as the sole administrative authority for the purposes of Part VIII under the Electricity Act, 1998 and its regulations. 

Electrical Safety Code 

The Canadian Electrical Code with specific Ontario amendments is referred to as the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The Code is a technical document that outlines the standards for electrical installations. 

Reviews/Appeals of ESA Orders & Appeal of Director’s Decision on Licenses 

This Regulation sets the rules for reviews and appeals of ESA Orders or Notices of Proposal. The Reviews and Appeals process is described here (include link to the landing page). 

Electrical Product Safety 

This Regulation gives ESA greater ability to promote the safety of electrical products and equipment sold and used in Ontario. 

Licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians 

This Regulation sets out the requirements for licensing Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians in Ontario. 

Administrative Penalty Regulation

This Regulation sets out when and how ESA can issue administrative penalties for non-compliant action(s).

Ontario Regulation 12/23

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