ESA Reviews and Appeals Process

If you don't agree with an ESA Order or ESA Notice against you, the following may help you through the review or appeal processes:

  1. DIRECTOR’S REVIEWS: You may ask the ESA Director of Reviews and Appeals to review an ESA Order about electrical safety. Or you may ask for a review of the ESA’s failure to make an Order you requested.
  2. DIRECTOR’S HEARINGS: You may ask the ESA Director of Reviews and Appeals to change a Notice of Proposal (or Provisional Notice in some urgent cases). This notice refuses, suspends, revokes or imposes conditions on an authorization to operate an electrical contracting business or be a Master Electrician.
  3. APPEALS TO THE REVIEW PANEL: You may ask the ESA Review Panel to change a decision of the Director of Reviews and Appeals.

* For the purposes of timelines under the Reviews and Appeals process, days means business days and does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or Statutory Holidays.

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For other inquiries, contact ESA’s Customer Service Centre at 1-877-ESA-SAFE.

Note: ESA can only provide information related to the review and appeal processes. ESA cannot provide legal advice.