man smiling next to ESA vehicle

Role of the Electrical Safety Authority

The Ontario government has given ESA a mandate to improve public electrical safety. Learn how the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) regulates and promotes electrical safety in Ontario.

Board of Directors, Officers & Executives

Learn more about ESA’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Team.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

Learn more about ESA's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment

Mandate, Mission & Vision

ESA is driven by its Mandate, Mission & Vision to improve electrical safety for the public.

Non-Regulatory Business

Non-regulatory business falls outside government regulation but within ESA’s mandate of electrical safety.

ESA Public Consultations

Review the public consultations ESA uses to better understand stakeholder needs.

Records and Information Requests

ESA collected input on a model for delivering continuing education to understand stakeholder issues, concerns and priorities

Stakeholder Advisory Councils

The stakeholder advisory councils help advise ESA on electrical safety initiatives and help advance our safety goals and objectives.

Stakeholder Research Results

Review how ESA uses research to be proactive in improving safety.

Corporate Reports

View ESA’s latest corporate reports.

ESA Reviews and Appeals Process

Learn more about ESA’s Reviews and Appeals Process.

Meetings and Events

Learn about upcoming events and review past events.

Risk-Based Oversight (RBO)

Learn how ESA determines when to visit a site by looking at the risk involved in the electrical wiring work.